Sunday, October 19, 2014

25 CU4CU Fall / Halloween Backgrounds / Papers Digital Scrapbooking

25 CU4CU No license , papers / backgrounds for Fall / Halloween . I do not require credit , and please do not claim as your own . I offer my graphics as CU4CU now , with no license necessary . All I ask is proper use and credit to me if someone asks . Not that hard . Just do not use and say you designed it .
 I buy CU4CU from others and they are given credit .
 I have used my own ,  , for these designs .

25 Fall / Halloween Papers / Backgrounds . $ 6.99 CU4CU

Selling site for my graphics from Crow's Creek primitives

I am opening a new selling blog . I am combining Crow's Creek Primitives with A Vintage Country Farmhouse . This has been a long time comming . I do both handcrafted items and graphics . I hclosed down my graphics to do some searching on legalities , of graphics , due to theft of mine . I now decided to offer my goods at a CU$CU no license needed , credit appreciated . Never claim things you did not creat yourself . We work hard for what little we make . Please be honest . If I see anyone , or have anyone reported to me , that you take credit for my work , I will take appropriate actions as all of my work is copyrighted . I make ebay templates , websets , logo's , avatars , FB logo's and much more . Just email me if you would like something you do not see . . Today's Special will be posted shortly . Fall / Halloween Papers . Saved at 300 dpi , 3600 x 3600 . 25 papers . $6.00 . Remember no license required to use .